The Arbeit Group, Inc. (TAG) provides video teleconferencing (VTC) services using state-of-the-art multimedia and telecommunications equipment. TAG provides cost effective VTC systems to meet customer needs in government agencies, commercial firms, and additional service sectors. VTC services include:

Requirements Analysis— TAG technicians work with customers to determine individual requirements. All technical and site requirements are analyzed to provide a variety of cost effective options for customer approval. TAG also assists customers in obtaining telecommunications services from various telecom providers.

Installation— TAG technicians provide turnkey support solutions for installations and hardware/software configurations. Systems are configured based on the appropriate telecom service provider, such as ISDN BRIs or PRI, ATM, and TCP/IP. We will also connect a variety of peripherals, such as PCs, and other collaboration devices.

Testing—Once installation is complete, TAG will provide telecommunication and system verification testing, including loopback, point-to-point, and multi-point tests, as applicable.

TAG Support Staffing— TAG provides on-site operational support to organizations that require daily VTC systems support. TAG’s support staff will coordinate meetings, operate systems, establish bridges, perform system troubleshooting, systems testing, and train client technical staff.

Life Cycle Management—TAG provides VTC maintenance services, including troubleshooting, defective parts repair and replacement, and software and hardware upgrades of VTC CODECs, bridges, and multiplexers. Our staff also provides end-of-life system replacement services.


Program Management

The Arbeit Group, Inc. (TAG) satisfies our clients by delivering services and products of high quality while adhering to the agreed price and schedule. We strive to exceed expectations by not only focusing on our client's intended mission and the given requirements, but also by anticipating emerging needs.
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Mentor-Protégé Consulting

The Arbeit Group, Inc. (TAG) is dedicated to assisting potential or current mentor-protégé program (MPP) participants through every phase of the MPP process.
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Event Management

The Arbeit Group, Inc. (TAG) has ample experience in planning and executing conferences of varying size and audiences.
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Financial Management

The Arbeit Group, Inc. (TAG)’s financial management professionals possess extensive working knowledge of government financial and accounting systems and practices.
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Information Technology

TAG's experience and offerings in this area are wide and varied and include Streaming Media, Controlled-Access Interactive Streaming Media, Web Applications, Virtual Educator, Web Design, Custom Designs, Web Hosting and Hosting Solutions.


The Arbeit Group, Inc. (TAG) provides video teleconferencing (VTC) services using state-of-the-art multimedia and telecommunications equipment.
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Digital Signage

The Arbeit Group, Inc. (TAG) offers digital signage solutions to meet your organization’s exacting needs.
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Internet Services

A key to our success is an unparalleled suite of technological services designed to meet challenges faced by both government and private industry organizations:
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Medical Support Services

The Arbeit Group, Inc. (TAG) has emerged as a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective healthcare management services. We have established solid relationships with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S.
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Clients and Partners

At The Arbeit Group, Inc. (TAG), we believe successful partnerships begin with a clear understanding of each partner's goals and objectives. We establish relationships with our partners and clients by using our experience to anticipate needs and offer practical solutions.
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